Photo booths turn events into memories. Memories are better shared with the company you love. So, even if are able to take photos on your own but nothing beats taking pictures with family and friends. Because it could be the perfect time to shoot a complete squad photo, you should always keep things fresh and interesting. That’s why you should never get bored of creative photo booth poses!

However, sometimes we run out of ideas when we need them the most. It’s better to be prepared for the time that this happens. Save this list down on a memo on your phone. The next time you’re at a photo booth, you’ll know what to do!

Cool Photo Booth Poses For Lovers

A Surprise Kiss – Nothing screams out “young love” better than a quick stolen peck on the cheeks — even if you’ve put some years in your relationship! Keep that youthful spark alive!

Carry the Bride If the booth is large enough, pick your lady up and take her in bridal style! Even better, get the bride

Form A Heart Although it’s one of one of the most ridiculous tricks in the book, it’s classic and adorable. Every romantic thing is cheesy, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying it!

Super Cool Photo Booth Poses For the Gentlemen

“Side by Side” If it’s only down to you and your best buddy it’s impossible to be wrong in the shoulder-to-shoulder pose. It’s a classic and elegant style that is a great match for a formal outfit.

The Match Weight In – Better yet is if you’ve got a healthy rivalry of some sort, you can perform the tough guy act to do a head-to-head pose.

Royal Rumble – If you’ve invited your entire crew to the party, you can stage the “royal Rumble” fighting with everyone. You’ll get a wild amazing picture with your pals to share with the world. Bonus points are awarded when someone brings out the steel chairs and ladders.

Awesome Photo Booth Poses For the Ladies

Charlie’s Angels – If you’re a trio of sisters and you’re a mother of three, you should pass up on the opportunity to pose like Charlie’s Angels. You can have it taken in a way that is sexy, funny or gorgeous and it’ll be a great memory stored on a picture.

hairs up! – While the photos are still images of people, it does not mean that you can’t use motion. If you’re next with ladies in the front of your photo booth, flip your hair up during the countdown!

Kawaii~ – Sometimes, you and the girls are in the mood to be cute. If that’s the case it’s impossible to go wrong with looking like the K-pop group. Here’s the checklist of the top 10 pictures Asian girls do every time!

Cool Photo Booth Poses For the Whole Gang

Roll Coaster – The photo doesn’t need to move to show action. Sometimes, you just have to act the part. Invite your friends to play out a roller coaster ride together. Be sure to keep your mouth open to make it seem convincing!

Thanks! – Hold your glass up and declare “bottoms up!” You’re here to have fun and celebrate so you must. In other words, if everyone is already drinking a cup on their hands You might want to carry it over to the photo booth with you. Are you sure?

The Devourer It’s an effective framing technique and you should work on this together with your photographer. Pick someone from your group to be the “devourer”. The person will put his mouth in front of the camera lens and act as if he’s eating the space before him.

Cool Photo Booth Poses For the Family

Everybody Kiss the Youngest! – It doesn’t matter if everybody’s age is not less than 30. If you’re the youngest in your family, then you know that family’s baby remains the family’s baby. That’s why you’ll need photos that show exactly what it means!

Huddle Up With Your Parents Then, it’s the same with your parents. However taller or heavier you get the same parents are still there for you. Your father is still Superman, and your mother remains your hero. Your love for them as children is timeless. These are thoughts that can be captured with great clarity in photos. Hold your parents’ hands close and kiss them on the cheeks- show how much you cherish your parents!

Carry the Heaviest child – Speaking of heavier family members: Families are known to increase in size. Sometimes, they grow larger. Wouldn’t it be funny to carry them around for photos? Make an effort to take the most heavy in the family and showcase him before the camera! He was 15 pounds when he was a kid, too!